Blockchain Center of Excellence

Blockchain Introduces New Security Vulnerabilities

In 2018 alone, VCs invested over $4 billion in blockchain related companies.  The stakes are substantial and so is the risk.   The problem? Blockchain is new, untested and misunderstood – specialized skills are desperately needed to ensure security best practices are established.

Blockchain Expertise

Our Blockchain CoE is led by one of the industry’s foremost expert in blockchain, and responsible for several CVEs in common open-source infrastructural components of the Bitcoin mining network. The company has delivered blockchain penetration testing, code reviews,  smart contract audits and training for, DigitalX, and others.

Blockchain Smart Contract CTF

This free platform is a Decentralized App containing vulnerable smart contracts with various business use cases ranging from decentralized trust funds and open source lottery systems, to ICOs and automated royalty agreements. Players are challenged to exploit vulnerabilities commonly found in smart contracts to steal fake testnet ETH and earn points. Hints are available when creativity is exhausted.

Blockchain Capture the Flag (CTF) – Are you Up to the Challenge?

Blockchain Resources

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Mick Ayzenberg - Senior Security Engineer

Blockchain CoE Lead

Mick Ayzenberg

Senior Security Engineer

Mick is a Senior Security Engineer working with clients to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in high-profile applications and operational systems.  Mick’s 7 years of security industry experience includes consulting on scores of high-level, mid-to-long term projects for well-known companies. He has performed extensive work in network protocol analysis, reversing, and software application fuzzing.

Mick has led Blockchain training/presentations at OWASP AppSec Tel Aviv 2019, ISACA Phoenix 2019, Appsec USA 2018, TruffleCon 2018, OWASP Training Day 2018, and will be delivering an Intro to Hacking Blockchain Applications & Smart Contracts training session at BlackHat 2019.
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"We are excited to combine our powerful Mythril Classic security analyzer with Security Innovation’s CTF platform to make smart contract vulnerability testing more impactful and educate the community on security best practices."
Bernhard Mueller, Product Engineer @ConsenSys Diligence