DevOps Center of Excellence

As organizations continue on their accelerated feature-to-market strategy, they increasingly rely on a streamlined but effective secure development process to enable it.

Led by our foremost DevOps expert,  this CoE examines the DevOps technology and process ecosystem, with a particular focus on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

Security Innovation has a plethora of Secure SDLC and DevOps expertise, including:

  • Secure SDLC assessment and roadmap development for Sony, Citrix, Johnston Controls and others
  • Contributed anonymized customer data, benchmarking analysis, and technical insight to the OWASP OpenSAMM 1.1 project.
  • Created the Microsoft SDL computer-based training used to train Microsoft development teams
  • Co-presented a first of its kind AppSec Maturity Model at RSA conference with IDC
  • Well versed in CMMI, Agile, RUP, and other secure development processes
  • Research on the Diffusion of Innovation theory and how it applies to secure development


Get Smarter about Secure DevOps

We can help you build the right processes and skills needed to master secure DevOps:

Zak Delhawi, DevOPS CoE Lead

DevOps CoE Lead

Zak Dehlawi

Director of Services

Zak leverages his expertise in software development and deployment to help organizations adopt efficient methods that produce software with security controls at each phase. He has demonstrated how DevOps, when paired with continuous integration and contentious deployment principles, can identify security mistakes before deployment and accelerate the development process.