Blockchain Center of Excellence

Blockchain Introduces New Security Vulnerabilities

While Blockchain adoption is gaining traction, it remains a very complex and misunderstood technology. Because it is not quite battle-tested, specialized skills are desperately needed to ensure security best practices are implemented.

Our Blockchain CoE is led by one of the industry’s foremost experts in blockchain who has contributed to prominent blockchain security tools and presented on securing smart contracts at Defcon, Trufflecon, New York Blockchain Week, and others. The company has delivered smart contract audits, decentralized application pen testing, code reviews, and training for, DigitalX, Metacash, Black Hat, and others.

Blockchain Smart Contract CTF

This free platform is a Decentralized App containing vulnerable smart contracts with various business use cases ranging from decentralized trust funds and open-source lottery systems to ICOs and automated royalty agreements. Players are challenged to exploit vulnerabilities commonly found in smart contracts to steal fake test net ETH and earn points. Hints are available when creativity is exhausted.

Blockchain Capture the Flag (CTF) – Are you Up to the Challenge?

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Ben Stewart - Security Engineer

Blockchain CoE Lead

Ben Stewart

Security Engineer

Ben is a Security Engineer with over half a decade of security and blockchain experience. He works closely with high profile clients testing mission-critical software and infrastructure as well as consulting on cutting edge Blockchain solutions.

Ben has performed extensive work in blockchain architecture, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced system design for human-machine interfaces, and auditing smart contracts. He has delivered Blockchain and AI training and presentations at DEFCON, Trufflecon, OWASP Global, Blockercon, UNCHAINED, the Blockchain Leadership Summit, and the ICMCP conference.

"The report from Security Innovation has really impressed us. Some issues that were raised could have been completely catastrophic if exploited"
- Nour Haridy, lead architect of the Metacash project
"We are excited to combine our powerful Mythril Classic security analyzer with Security Innovation’s CTF platform to make smart contract vulnerability testing more impactful and educate the community on security best practices."
Bernhard Mueller, Product Engineer @ConsenSys Diligence