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Women in Security - CMD+CTRL Hackathon

As a pioneer in software security, we’ve helped global organizations solve many of their toughest security challenges. However, our contributions don’t end there.  As part of our commitment to the community, we donate our CMD+CTRL Web site hackerthon and experts to build awareness for insecure software applications, the primary target of attackers today.  

Our hackerthons are intentionally vulnerable Web sites that incorporate vulnerabilities found in commonly deployed business applications today.  In an expert-guided training session, participants of all skill levels learn how hackers break into Web sites in a realistic environment – and try to do the same in this “find the vulnerabilities” challenge that demonstrates the dangers of poor coding habits.  

We have partnered with RSA Conference, OWASP, Blackhat and INTERalliance to inspire security-minded folks that range from middle school students to seasoned security engineers with 20+ years experience in the field.  We have also run these for corporate security events including Allstate Cybercon and Levi Strauss CyberSecurity Conference.   

Empowering Women in Information Security

As a platinum level sponsor of Women in Security and Privacy (WISP), we leverage our hackerthons to empower women by making application security approachable for those interested in strengthening their technical skills or curious about a career in IT security.  

Recent events that we’ve done include:

  • Women in Security & Privacy (WISP) - we hosted nearly 100 women at this 4-hour event in San Francisco
  • RSA Security Women in Security & Technology Forum – in conjunction with RSA’s CISO and CyberSN recruiting, we provided mentorship women learn web hacking last October at their Headquarters.  
  • Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing (MICWIC)  - we ran multiple Web site hacking challenges for their members.

What people are Saying

 “Getting more women into the security industry is a difficult and complex challenge, however it is one that we can help to solve through inclusion, respect, and education, which our hackerthon events facilitate.”   - Joe Basirico, VP of Services, Security Innovation

“Playing the CTF at the WISP meet-up was a wonderful opportunity to meet other women in our field, and it was a lot of fun! We got to be creative, competitive, and even a little bit evil. I learned a lot about web app hacking that will make me better at my job.” - Marisa Fagan, Sr. Technical Program Manager, Salesforce.com  

“Our community hackerthons are yet another step in our corporate mission to promote and encourage women in the IT security and privacy field.  As a company, we make it clear that it’s not just important to hire women, but to help grow the pool of qualified women in a fairly male-dominated industry.”  - Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation

 "It was in a word AWESOME!  We had 45+ women hacking away on Shadow Bank - one of Security Innovation's command and control fake sites.  The team was fantastic partners.” - Janet Levesque, CISO of RSA Security

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