COD 721: Attacker Techniques Exposed: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Exploits

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Course Overview

This course examines trends in software vulnerabilities, demonstrates examples of security breaches, explores a wide range of live software vulnerabilities, and introduces threat modeling techniques.

Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the need for integrating security at each phase of the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Identify process gaps that are needed to improve the security of their systems
  • Create a high-level map of needs for the organization’s people, processes, and technology

Modules Covered

The Potential Attacker

This module discusses the different genres of attackers, as well as their varying skill sets and goals.

The Anatomy of an Attack

This module examines the different steps of an attack, from information gathering to the attack’s consequences.

Attacks and Defenses

This module provides an overview of the layered security model and the different defenses that will help mitigate security risks.

Live Vulnerability and Exploit Tour

Participants will be shown live examples of a wide array of vulnerabilities and exploits, providing awareness and key insight as to how an attacker views and exploits applications.

Tools and Threats

The overall threat to applications is growing and so is the number of tools that make it easier for hackers to exploit them. This module discusses the underground world of the attacker and the range of tools available to them.

Thinking like the Attacker: Threat Modeling

A critical step in securing an application or system is to methodically think through threats. This module presents several techniques for threat modeling, and describes the process of modeling threats against several systems.

Incorporating Threats into Software/System Design, Development, Testing and Deployment

By considering threats at each stage of the development lifecycle, development teams can make more informed decisions to create software and systems that are more resilient to attack.  This module covers tools and techniques for mitigating threats at each phase of development.