COD 318: Creating Secure Android Code in Java

E-Learning English Multi-Language
Duration: 90 minutes | Course is offered in English, Japanese, Chinese

Course Overview

This course examines in depth the development of secure Java code for Android OS devices. It provides an overview of common Android application vulnerabilities and presents secure coding best-practices using Java and the Android SDK. Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to identify and mitigate weak authentication attacks, code injections, malicious user input, risks to stored data and data in transit, threats to privacy and confidentiality, insufficient transport layer protection, and custom URL scheme abuses. The course includes Knowledge Checks, Module Summaries, and links to additional online resources.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the open-source developer tools available for securing Android applications
  • Introduce the different types of Android application security vulnerabilities and attack vectors
  • Describe how to protect confidential data by using secure UUIDs
  • Describe how to use parameterized queries and implement input validation to prevent malicious attacks on a database
  • Explain how to use the AccountManager class to avoid the risks associated with unauthorized access
  • Describe how to use different methods and cryptography to secure the WebView class

This course can be customized for Instructor-Led training. Course contents and duration may vary. Contact us for details.