COD 222: PCI DSS v3.2 Best Practices for Developers

E-Learning English
Duration: 60 minutes | Course is offered in English

Course Overview

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Version 3.2 provides minimum requirements for addressing the security of software systems handling credit card information. Addressing the requirements during the design and build stages of the development lifecycle improves application security and simplifies compliance. This course will provide software developers with an in-depth understanding of application security issues within the PCI-DSS Version 3.2 and best practices for addressing each requirement.

Course Objectives

  • Describe PCI DSS, its benefits, and the application types that are subject to this PCI standard
  • Understand the PCI DSS version 3.2 requirements that are applicable to developers
  • Understand how to apply PCI DSS version 3.2 implementation best practices for secure software development

This course can be customized for Instructor-Led training. Course contents and duration may vary. Contact us for details.