TST 201: Classes of Security Defects

E-Learning English Multi-Language
Duration: 3 hours | Course is offered in English, Japanese, Chinese

Course Overview

This course equips students with the knowledge needed to create a robust defense against common security defects. Students will learn why and how security defects are introduced into software, and will be presented with common classes of attacks, which will be discussed in detail. Along with examples of real life security bugs, students will be shown techniques and best practices that will enable the team to identify, eliminate, and mitigate each class of security defects. Additional mitigation techniques and technologies are described for each class of security defect.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and outline the common classes of security defects
  • Recognize the potential impact that common security defects can have
  • Identify the programming errors that are responsible for common security defects
  • Apply coding best practices in order to avoid common security vulnerabilities
  • Find common security defects in an application’s source code
  • Map common security defects with specific technologies
  • Test software in order to detect common security bugs
  • Locate additional resources on common security defects

This course can be customized for Instructor-Led training. Course contents and duration may vary. Contact us for details.