DES 306 - Creating a Secure Blockchain Network

Course Overview

While Blockchain technology continues to emerge for its ability to improve data security, speed up transactions and save costs, it comes with its advantages it comes with a wide array of challenges. Properly securing a blockchain network begins with the implementation of strong authentication and cryptography key vaulting mechanisms. This course provides learners with an understanding of the essential requirements for creating a secure blockchain network.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify operational, legal and compliance requirements
  • Create a blockchain threat model
  • Create blockchain trust policies, access controls, and smart contracts
  • Manage identity, access, entitlements, certificates, and keys
  • Monitor, report, and manage incidents

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Course Details

Course Number: DES 306

Course Duration: 20 minutes

Course CPE Credits: 0.5





Foreign Languages Available:

  • English