COD 270 - Creating Secure COBOL & Mainframe Applications

Course Details

Course Number: COD 270

Course Duration: 25 minutes

Course CPE Credits: .5

Related Subject Matter

Foreign Languages Available:

  • English

Course Overview

This secure coding course covers countermeasures for security vulnerabilities on mainframe systems such as input validation, parameterized APIs, strong cryptography, and memory management issues.

Topics include:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities and threats to mainframe applications and data
  • Mitigating SQL injection threats using safe prepared statements and parameterized APIs
  • Validating all input
  • Using exec* functions instead of system functions to mitigate the risk of command injection
  • Using key derivation functions to protect stored password
  • Encrypting sensitive data at rest using AES-256
  • Protecting sensitive data in transit with TLS
  • Preventing deadlocks by using the ENQ and DEQ commands
  • Avoiding manual memory management in order to prevent buffer overflow conditions
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