DES 203 - Cryptographic Components: Randomness, Algorithms, and Key Management

Course Overview

This course introduces three important elements of cryptographic systems: random number generation, algorithms and keys.

Topics include:

  • The critical role of randomness in cryptography
  • Common algorithms to perform cryptographic manipulation of information
  • Types and roles of cryptographic keys
  • The key management problem
  • Common types of digital certificates and its creation process
  • Components and roles of a public key infrastructure
  • Weaknesses in the digital certificate trust mode
  • Mechanisms to manage and distribute cryptographic keys

This course aligns with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) requirement(s):

  • K0018: Knowledge of encryption algorithms
  • K0019: Knowledge of cryptography and cryptographic key management concepts

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Course Details

Course Number: DES 203

Course Duration: 15 minutes

Course CPE Credits: .25



Foreign Languages Available:

  • English