LAB 303 – Defending C# Applications Against Open Redirect (NEW)

Course Overview

Open Redirect vulnerabilities arise when applications redirect a user’s browser to a URL based on unverified GET request parameters provided to the application. While the user believes they are being redirected to a legitimate website, an Open Redirect vulnerability allows the attacker to lead them to a malicious website. To avoid or address Open Redirect vulnerabilities, you can use allow lists or lookup tables to determine the destinations of redirects, show a warning page before redirecting users to external URLs, or remove the redirect functionality from your application. This Defending C# Applications Against Open Redirect Skill Lab offers a virtual environment that includes a vulnerable application and its complete source code to train developers on identifying and addressing Open Redirect vulnerabilities.

After completing this lab, the learner will understand how to defend C# applications against open redirect vulnerabilities by receiving hands-on experience testing for these vulnerabilities and implementing a suitable mitigation.

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Course Details

Course Number: LAB 303

Course Duration: 5 minutes

Course CPE Credits: .25





Foreign Languages Available:

  • English