LAB 320 – Defending TypeScript Applications Against Code Injection (NEW)

Course Overview

Code injection is an attack that occurs when an application takes untrusted data and uses it to execute code. If an attacker can send data that will be executed as code, they can take control of the application and attack the infrastructure it is running on. This happens when the attacker can run any code with the same privileges as the application. Functions that execute data as code are dangerous, and it is best to avoid passing user input to these functions.

This Defending TypeScript Skill Lab provides a virtual environment with a vulnerable application to help developers identify and fix code injection vulnerabilities. The learner will get hands-on experience testing for code injection vulnerabilities and implementing an appropriate mitigation. The recommended way to mitigate code injection is to remove the ability to execute data as code and use a different approach to implement the application’s functionality.

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Course Details

Course Number: LAB 320

Course Duration: 5 minutes

Course CPE Credits: .25

Foreign Languages Available:

  • English