TST 357 - Penetration Testing for Hardcoded Secrets

Course Overview

All modern applications rely on certain secrets to run from database connection strings to API keys or cryptographic keys. Keeping these secrets is critical to the security of the application as they typically create a significant hole that allows an attacker to bypass the authentication that has been configured by the software administrator. This course teaches how to identify and test for the use of hard-coded credentials.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine whether an application contains hard-coded authentication credentials
  • Determine whether an application contains hard-coded cryptographic keys
  • Find plain-text secrets in application binaries
  • Find leaked secrets in code repositories
  • Identify techniques for advanced testing of application code for the presence of hard-coded secrets

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Course Details

Course Number: TST 357

Course Duration: 12 minutes

Course CPE Credits: .25

Foreign Languages Available:

  • English