IoT Center of Excellence

Our IoT & Embedded CoE analyzes the massively connected world that ranges from medical devices to robotics to consumer electronics. We believe in helping software developers build secure connected products that consumers can trust. We aim to accomplish this through training, security-oriented design, and rigorous testing.

When it comes to testing IoT devices, we can demonstrate a full range of capabilities:

  • Attacking the physical device
  • Extracting firmware
  • Engaging debug interfaces
  • Exploiting mobile applications in use
  • Finding weak or unprotected web APIs
  • Assessing supporting cloud infrastructure and services

IoT Resources

We test every component that supports your entire network of connected IoT devices.

We can help you mitigate IoT risk by training your teams on defensive coding and providing full-stack security analysis at the physical, communications, and software level

Geoff Vaughan, Sr. Security Engineer, IoT CoE Lead

IoT CoE Lead

Geoff Vaughan

Principal Security Engineer

Geoff is an Application & IT Security expert helping companies secure software and devices throughout all stages of development. He specializes in finding exploitable vulnerabilities in software applications as well as reverse engineering binaries to locate vulnerable code.

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