For Automotive Industries

Protect Consumers Against Automotive Cybersecurity Threats

Advances in connected car and V2V technology have allowed for better safety features and reduced risk of fatal accidents. However, there's another threat automotive industries still need to address: security. With over 100 million lines of code in the average new car, only one line needs to contain a bug for a hacker to exploit, giving them the ability to do anything from unlocking your car to completely taking it over.

We work with top organizations in the automotive industry to help secure their vehicles. In fact, 2017 Cadillacs will feature our Aerolink product to provide security and privacy for Cadillac’s vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Our experts are also continuously conducting research through our Automotive Center of Excellence, which lead us to our most well known hack of the autonomous vehicle using a simple laser pointer.

Automotive Security Courses

Developers want - but often do not have - the skills necessary to combat software security threats within the automotive industry. In fact, our recent automotive survey showed less than half our respondents believe they are adequately trained in secure architecture and coding practices. Leveraging our expertise, our application security course catalog contains over 100 courses, including an automotive developer bundle for those specifically in the automotive industry.

Automotive Consulting

Our consulting teams work with road operators, automobile companies, standards organizations, and large government integrators to help design a safe and secure transportation system.

Embedded Systems Expertise

We leverage our legacy secure coding and embedded systems design skills to help secure automotive communication systems, in-vehicle infotainment, internal networks, over-the-air updates, and electronic control units. We also have significant expertise in trusted platform (TPM) middleware as well as traditional and quantum resistant cryptographic algorithms relevant to Intelligent Transportation Systems.