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Microsoft SDL Developer


The MS SDL Developer learning path includes a variety of security courses that will vary depending on whether you are seeking core, advanced or elite paths. It is designed for those responsible for implementing the industry-leading software security assurance process.

The MS SDL Developer learning path describes how to take a holistic and practical approach when implementing the SDL to ensure security and privacy is considered at every phase of development.


  • Fundamentals of Application Security
  • Secure Software Concepts
  • Fundamentals of Secure Development
  • Creating Secure .NET Framework Foundations Series (2)
  • Creating Secure MS SQL Server Applications
  • Creating Secure Azure Applications
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography Series (4)


  • Introduction to the Microsoft SDL
  • Implementing the Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling Tool
  • Implementing Microsoft SDL Line of Business
  • Implementing the Microsoft SDL Optimization Model
  • Implementing the Agile Microsoft SDL
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography Series (4)


  • Fundamentals of Secure Architecture
  • Architecture Risk Analysis and Remediation
  • Creating Secure Application Architecture
  • Implementing the MS SDL into your SDLC Series
  • How to Create Application Security Design Requirements
  • Attack Surface Analysis and Reduction
  • How to Perform a Security Code Review

Learning Path Details

Number of Courses: 21

Total Duration: 15 hours

Total CPE Credits: 18