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Swift Developer


The Swift Developer learning path includes a variety of security courses that will vary depending on whether you are seeking core, advanced or elite paths. This path is designed for those responsible for the development of applications aimed towards iOS and OS X and the integration with back-end services.

Concepts covered:

  • How identify common mobile application risks
  • Utilize best practices for designing and building applications for iOS and OS X
  • RESTful API’s, embedded databases, and object-oriented programming


  • Fundamentals of Application Security
  • Secure Software Concepts
  • Fundamentals of Secure Mobile Development
  • Essential Access Control for Mobile Devices
  • Fundamentals of Threat Modeling


  • Insecure IoT Mobile Interface
  • Mobile OWASP Top 10 Series (4)
  • Creating Secure iOS Code in Swift
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography Series (4)
  • Testing for OS Command Injection
  • Testing for Use of Hard-Coded Credentials
  • Testing for Unrestricted Upload of File with Dangerous Type
  • Testing for Reliance on Untrusted Inputs in a Security Decision
  • Testing for Execution with Unnecessary Privileges
  • Testing for Download of Code without Integrity Check
  • Testing for Inclusion of Functionality from Untrusted Control Sphere
  • Testing for Incorrect Permission Assignment for Critical Resource
  • Testing for Use of a Potentially Dangerous Function
  • Testing for Incorrect Calculation of Buffer Size
  • Testing for Improper Restriction of Excessive Authentication Attempts
  • Testing for Open Redirect


  • Fundamentals of Secure Architecture
  • Architecture Risk Analysis and Remediation
  • Creating Secure Application Architecture
  • Integrating the MS SDL into your SDLC Series (5)
  • How to Create Application Security Design Requirements
  • Attack Surface Analysis & Reduction
  • How to Perform a Security Code Review

Learning Path Details

Number of Courses: 34

Total Duration: 18 hours

Total CPE Credits: 21.5