While Security Innovation’s expertise isn’t limited to any specific platform or technology, we do have deep experience and specialization in automotive and embedded security.

We offer both consulting services and commercial products for the automotive industry, embedded systems, and the enterprise – all optimized to secure the software systems that power those platforms and IT systems.  

Automotive Security

Aerolink – Secure V2V Communications

Only commercial software implementation of the IEEE 1609.2 security protocol

Automotive Application Security Services

Additionally, we have application security services for the automotive industry, including:

Embedded Security

NTRU Crypto

IEEE/X9 standard and 200x faster than RSA. 

Encryption Toolkit

Easily integrate our NTRU crypto into your C/C++ or Java environment


Lighting fast and easy to implement; optimized for ARM microcontrollers

TSS Middleware

Helps integrate security functionality into any system equipped with the TPM chip

Computer Based Training

With 100+ courses and 120+ total course hours, our eLearning program delivers the role-based training organizations need to build internal skills and a culture of security