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Security Innovation Celebrates Data Privacy Day with Free Cybersecurity Courses - Security Innovation

January 25, 2018 – In recognition of Data Privacy Day 2018, Security Innovation, the worldwide leader in software security training and assessment services, is providing seven days of free access to four essential courses to help employees everywhere understand the importance of securing critical information within applications and protecting organizational data.

Registration for the free courses is open from Thursday, January 25 through Wednesday, January 31st, by signing up here.  After people enroll they will have seven days to complete their choice of one, two, three or all four courses.

Two of the complimentary courses focus on secure coding and are designed to teach developers and security team members the crucial role of data protection when developing applications:

  • Creating Secure HTML5 Code – This course provides in depth coverage on how to mitigate the most dangerous threats to HTML5 applications.
  • Creating Secure AWS Cloud Applications – This course examines the security vulnerabilities, threats, and mitigations for AWS cloud computing services.

Two additional courses are designed for staff in roles such as human resources, legal, marketing, finance, sales, operations and customer service:

  • Information Privacy: Classifying Data – This course equips employees to recognize the importance of understanding what constitutes private data.
  • Information Privacy: Protecting Data – This course instructs employees on how they can behave in a proactive manner to protect sensitive data and information in their everyday work.

Data Privacy Day is an annual reminder of the importance of respecting privacy and enabling trust on a day to day basis,” said Ed Adams, president and CEO of Security Innovation. “Security Innovation is pleased to offer these complimentary courses to educate staff on how to properly safeguard data.”

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