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Security Innovation Takes Center Stage at SACON CISO Platform

Wilmington, MA – November 10, 2020, – Security Innovation, an authority in software security assessments and training, announced today that its CEO and senior security engineers will be addressing various cybersecurity topics and running a hacking event using the company’s commercially available CMD+CTRL Cyber Range. The event is free and open to anyone that registers.

This conference celebrates the foremost security researchers and trainers in the world. It is co-hosted by the CISO Platform and SACON with 40,000+ global security professionals including CISOs, Engineers, Government Agencies, and other security stakeholders. It is a “No Sponsored Talk” Conference where presenters and trainers are invited, experts. Sessions include zero trusts, cyber risk, application security, cyber terrorism, API security, IoT hacking, and other topics.

“ Security Innovation has long been known for our expertise in software security and we are honored to be participating at such a reputable event like SACON,” said Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation. “We bring a unique perspective to the cybersecurity community and look forward to sharing that with attendees. Those who participate in our instructor-led hacking competition with have fun whilst learning.”

The three Security Innovation presentations include:

  • Hijacking A Pizza Delivery Robot (Using SQL injection) – Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation
  • RFID Security in Corporates – Rohitanshu Singh, Security Engineering Manager, Security Innovation
  • Web Hacking Using a Cyber Range – Satish Suraparaju, Security Engineer Manager, Security Innovation

About the Conference

About the Presentations
Hijacking A Pizza Delivery Robot (Using SQL injection)
Welcome to the lighter side of the software security world! We’ll explain complex topics like injection flaws, configuration errors, and parameter tampering with real-world analogies, like breaking into your house through your shed, or sneaking into a Coldplay concert using a reflective yellow vest, a walkie talkie toy, and bravado. If you’ve ever struggled to remember exactly how these issues work or struggled to explain them to someone outside of the security field, this presentation will help (and probably make you laugh). This talk is ideal for anyone who wants to understand core Application Security concepts so they can apply risk mitigation strategies with better context.

RFID Security In Corporates
This workshop will talk about various security aspects of RFID’s system implementation incorporates and how an unauthorized user could leverage it to their profit. This workshop is geared towards beginners who would want to understand RFID systems and its security aspects with no prior or limited knowledge about it. This session covers all the fundamentals to start with RFID systems and explore the stream from a Security standpoint.

Web Hacking Using a Cyber Range
Bring out the hacker in you by trying out Security Innovation’s Hacking Cyber Range – specially designed web applications with real-world vulnerabilities. A parallel class session will also teach novices about how to uncover simple vulnerabilities and evolve into uncovering more complex vulnerabilities. You can simply sit and learn or get straight to hacking our application or follow along and do both. Live scores of participants will be displayed.

Security Innovation is a pioneer in software security and a trusted advisor to its clients. Since 2002, organizations have relied on our assessment and training solutions to make the use of software systems safer in the most challenging environments – whether in Web applications, IoT devices, or the cloud. The company’s flagship product, CMD+CTRL Cyber Range, is the industry’s only simulated Web site environment designed to build the skills teams need to protect the enterprise where it is most vulnerable – at the application layer. Security Innovation is privately held and headquartered in Wilmington, MA USA. For more information, visit Security Innovation or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Security Innovation Media Contact:
Maureen Robinson