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Application Security Risk Management/Awareness

The Essential Guide to Online Security

Creating a Security Awareness Program that Sticks

The State of Information Security Awareness: Trends & Developments

Rolling Out An Effective Application Security Training Program

Mitigating M2M Software Security Risks

Current State of Application Security

Application Security Gap Study: A Survey of IT Security & Developers

Advancing your Application Security Program by Putting the OWASP Top Ten into Practice

Simplifying Application Security & Compliance with the OWASP Top 10

Mapping Application Security with Compliance Requirements

Application Security Maturity Model: A Pragmatic Approach to Securing your Software Applications

Biggest Software Security Mistakes Organizations Make

Six Best Practices for IT Security

Software Security Total Risk Management: SI’s Blueprint for Effective Program Development

Security Engineering

Security Engineering Explained (in conjunction with Microsoft)

19-Attacks to Break Software Security

Threat Modeling for Secure Embedded Software

Threat Modeling for the Management of Risk

How to Conduct a Code Review

Finding Your Inner Evildoer for Effective Security Testing

Five-Step Action Plan to Designing More Secure Software

Application Security By Design: Security as a Complete Lifecycle Activity

Static Analysis Strategies

Regulatory Compliance Demystified - an Introduction for Developers

Embedded Security

Cybersecurity: Automakers Remain Passive as Government Takes Action

2015 Survey - Car Cybersecurity: What do Automakers Really Think?