Testing Depth / Frequency

Security Innovation offers a range of services that help organizations resolve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a portfolio of enterprise applications, a stand-alone application, an embedded software system, or within the software development process itself.

Depending on application criticality, applications are grouped into appropriate tiers using your existing structure or one that we create for you. We work with you to determine testing depth and frequency appropriate for each tier and commence testing.

Level of Service

Tier 1 - Elite

Tier 2 - Premium

Tier 3 - Standard

  Tier 1 -
Tier 2 -
Tier 3 -
Testing Conducted   
Manual Pen Test Y Y  
Security Code Review Y    
Dynamic Analysis Security Test (DAST) Y Y Y
Static Analysis Security Test (SAST) Y    
Business logic testing Y Y  
Assessment Action Plan Y Y  
Individual Vulnerability Reports Y    
Coverage Reports Y    
Security Assessment Report Y Y Y



This option includes our TEAM Academy product, which combines the on-demand training of our TEAM Professor eLearning with the proven implementation best practices of our TEAM Mentor secure development knowledgebase. By educating your developers as vulnerabilities are found and providing secure coding standards, your team can reduce vulnerability remediation time and the number of future vulnerabilities.