Threat Model Analysis

Security Innovation offers a range of services that help organizations resolve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a portfolio of enterprise applications, a stand-alone application, an embedded software system, or within the software development process itself.

If you know your threats, you can put up a defense

Sophisticated attackers frequently target not just the cryptographic primitives, but the protocols, trust models and "secure" systems that make use of those primitives. An independent security review ensures that your system is analyzed without bias and based on the most recent knowledge of the attack landscape.  

Security Innovation's experts are aware of the latest cryptographic, side channel, and protocol attacks and the best methods for defending against those attacks.

Our Approach

Our Threat Model Analysis (TMA) is a methodical review of the security risks, threats, and attack surfaces in a product, system, device, or component (e.g. communication protocol).  The resulting assessment identifies:

Just as 3rd party code review is commonplace in software development, a second pair of eyes is critical for ensuring secure system architecture for embedded systems