Computer Based Application Security Training

Vulnerabilities are the result of mistakes your team makes during software development – and that doesn't mean just coding.

One bad design choice can result in numerous flaws, even if developers write secure code. One poorly written routine can result in dozens of vulnerabilities. Each phase of the software development lifecycle offers an opportunity to improve or weaken the security of your software.

Training you want, Guidance when you need it

Our unique approach to training combines computer-based application security training courses with a code-rich knowledgebase. After learning principles in each course, developers can apply them in practice, accessing only the guidance required for a specific task. Click to download our course catalog.

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Features and Benefits

Industries Largest Course Library

Our application security course library contains 100+ Gartner Magic Quadrant leading courses available as SaaS or SCORM self hosted.

Expert and Relative Content

Examples are derived from our Centers of Excellence and ongoing assessments of the world's most dominant software applications.

Progressive Training

Pre-defined learning paths spanning foundational to expert level courses are mapped to specific roles, platforms, and technologies providing the most contextual training possible.

After completing learning paths, your staff will have increased their knowledge and skills:

  • Managers will understand secure development principles and the importance of designing security in.
  • Architects will be able to choose secure components other architectural elements that set developers up for success.
  • Developers will be able to code defensively to avoid vulnerabilities, conduct effective code reviews, and fix security defects faster
  • Testers will think like attackers and provide better feedback to developers.
  • Business Analysts and Product/Program Managers will learn attacker techniques and how to define security requirements.

Hands-On Interactivity

Our application security training courses are not merely voice over text or "talking heads." They are purpose-built modules designed to present complex topics in an interactive, visually appealing way without compromising content integrity.

Our training courses are highly interactive, transforming the learning experience to an active seeking, selecting and understanding of the material. We strive to include as many complex interactions as possible. For example, we may include an input sanitation simulation to help illustrate the impact of a SQL Injection attack, or ask a developer to debug a block of Java code to find the line that enables a reflective cross-site scripting vulnerability.

Course Preview: