Security Training (Ninja) Belt System

Easily engage learners with incentive-based training and instantly track progress across your organization.

Traditional training methods can be overwhelming to learners and aren’t always the best way to enact long-term security behavior change. There are three key practices to a successful training program that solve these challenges:

Rewards & Recognition: Motivate participants to learn more
Engagement: Solidify concepts and apply new skills via hands-on activities
Measurement: Ensure goals are met and justify investment

As part of our Customer Care Program, Security Innovation offers a role-based "belt system" that combines courses, practical experience, and incentives to facilitate progression through a series of levels of application security maturity. This goal-oriented approach increases adoption and success rates and drives behavior change.

How does the security training belt program work?

The program breaks down training into concise segments that are tiered by complexity (beginner to advanced), creating a manageable approach to completing a comprehensive series of courses.  

  • At each belt tier, there is an element of formal training (computer-based and/or instructor-led) and hands-on experiential learning that is on par with that belt level.
  • As employees progress, they are recognized and rewarded.
  • Belts are tied into HR/performance/salary.
  • Pre- and post-belt assessments measure knowledge gains and retention over time Security Innovation Customer Care Manager assists with roll out, sourcing rewards, sharing best practices, and optimization.