Attack & Defend Training

Training that sticks

Nearly 90% of attacks take place at the application layer. Is an unengaging training program putting your organization at risk?

Stop the yawns

Our Attack & Defend training combines interactive computer-based training with the industry’s most authentic, hands-on cyber range to get teams excited about training and provide you with clear understanding of your team’s capabilities.

The Learning-by-Doing approach is the quickest and most effective way to transform knowledge into powerful skills.

  • Learn with Computer-Based Training

    Start your program with our hard-hitting OWASP Top 10 series – twenty courses covering testing and threat mitigation that help teams find and prevent vulnerabilities, creating a formidable defense.

  • Train with the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range

    We’ll run an online training event for your organization featuring one of our CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges, intentionally vulnerable applications, and websites built to test cybersecurity skills. Use the event to gauge your team’s abilities, discover your security champions, and build excitement around training – even meet part of your PCI Compliance for the year.

  • Measure with Individual & Group Reporting

    You’ll get detailed reporting into your team’s competencies and performance-based course mappings for actionable next steps from your training event.

Revitalize your training program now

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"We began training with a single CMD+CTRL event. It generated lots of excitement and the teams are already asking when we’re running the next one."
Joe Minieri, CISO, Orvis