Attack & Defend

Securing the Software Ecosystem is a Team Effort.

Facing increasingly hostile environments, software teams need a training partner that arms them with ongoing expertise and cutting-edge methods. If previous security training efforts resulted in yawns and skill gaps not shrinking, your business has a problem.

The number of software security stakeholders has exploded beyond the core developer. Roles are diverse as developers spin up servers and operators manage infrastructure with code. And gone are the days when the security team held all the knowledge.

Security Innovation is the only training provider to offer a blended approach for all those that build, operate, and defend software. By combining progressive computer-based training (CBT) with a hands-on cyber range, teams can build any desired competency in a quick and measurable way.

Skills = Knowledge + Practice + Attitude

Recognized 6x on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for security training, our blended approach prepares teams for the security battles they will face. Courses provide a quick way to scale knowledge across broad job functions and technologies and the cyber range ensures it can be applied in practice.

The result: a streamlined program that is measurable, engaging, and empowering.

  • Reflects risk of today’s tech stacks – flawed design, defenseless code, expanded attack surface, and misconfigured deployments
  • Goes “beyond the code” – hackers exploit more than just code yet many providers address only this small portion of software development and delivery risk
  • Performance-based – baseline against other roles and industries, track progress towards KPIs and fill gaps with only necessary courses
  • Proven to change behavior –  our learning methodologies are backed by science and research
  • Contextual – learning paths are tailored to the role, job function, technologies, and skill level

Carnegie Institute
“Cycle of Development”

CloudWeb New CMD+CTRL Cyber Range


  • Fast way to build knowledge
  • Covers all major technologies and roles
  • Out-of-the-box learning paths

Cyber Range

  • An effective way to assess competency
  • Real applications, systems, platforms
  • Similar to flight simulator or practice range
Cloud Security webinar

Secure Build

Cloud Security webinar

Secure Ops

Cloud Security webinar

Secure Defend


Build Security In Keep Bad Guys Out Fortify

Primary Audience

Software Engineering, Systems Developers, Architecture, and Product teams

Ideal for Operations, IT, Network and Support Teams

InfoSec, Vulnerability Assessment, Red Teams,  and advanced builders or operators


Security by Design, defensive coding, technology-specific Software security fundamentals, cloud-specific security Governance, vulnerability scanning, pen testing, standards, compliance

Cyber Range

Applications with code-and design level flaws focused on OWASP Top Ten and security principles Multi-tiered environments and systems focused on Web sites, API security, and cloud infrastructure Advanced Web sites, systems, and platforms with built-in defenses and advanced attacks

Set, Measure and Exceed Goals

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Industry Goals

Industry Goals

Achieve 101% of industry score baseline

Organizational Goal

Organizational Goal

Achieve 90% training participation

Complete one+ learning path

Team Goal

Team Goal

Certify 10 Security Champions

Achieve a total team score of 4000 points

Individual Goals

Individual Goals

Achieve a baseline score of 2000 points

Complete 10 hours of CBT