InfiniCrate: AWS Cloud File Storage Application

CMD+CTRL Cyber Range Training

This ultra-realistic cyber range is built as a real AWS cloud-native application and perfectly emulates a cloud-based file storage solution. InfiniCrate challenges Cloud Developers, Cloud Engineers, and DevOps Engineers to use, and share with their teammates, every shred of security knowing they have in order to find InfiniCrate’s vulnerabilities.

The InfiniCrate cyber range includes 25 security challenges covering 11 AWS services. Working alone or in teams, players will perform reconnaissance and abuse misconfigured services to gain unauthorized access. They can even steal and modify code in the system – and push it through Infinicrate’s CI/CD pipeline.

Skills your teams will gain:

  • Defense in depth: How multiple coordinated defenses stop multi-pronged attacks
  • Protecting sensitive data by using proper access controls
  • Managing access privileges for users with Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • How and where to store sensitive data
  • Work together as a team to protect your CI/CD pipeline and build security into your DevOps culture
  • And much more

Note: This range is not for beginners. It is an advanced cyber range for DevOps teams who are actively developing and operating software directly on the AWS platform.

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