The Gold Standard: Advanced Banking Website

CMD+CTRL Cyber Range Training

This advanced banking application includes 54 challenges such as SQL Injection, XSS, authentication/authorization issues, business logic flaws, and more. Many of these vulnerabilities include some form of poorly implemented mitigations such as blacklisting attack strings and client-side validation making them harder to exploit than Shadow Bank. Players have to be creative and thorough in their testing to bypass the mitigations and successfully exploit the system!

Account-holders can:

  • Transfer money to other accounts
  • Convert money into gold/other metals
  • Read/comment on bank announcements
  • Request a loan

Bank officials (via admin interface) can:

  • Approve loans
  • Approve transactions over $10,000s
  • Post new official bank announcements
Cyber ranges are your teams reward. They'll beg for more.