CMD+CTRL Enterprise Solution

Eliminate Pushback with Training Teams Can Relate to

Securing software requires specialization, especially as roles continue to diversify – developers are spinning up servers,
IT is managing infrastructure with code, and InfoSec teams are pushing security activities downstream.

CMD+CTRL Enterprise’s scenario-based courses and live software cyber ranges provide the most contextual environment
to build role-specific and cross-functional skills.

With programs for all key stakeholders, teams will get the right training for the job.

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Build Security In

Hold the Front Line

Fortify the Castle

Primary Audience

  • Software/System Developers, Engineers, Architects
  • Scrummasters, PMs
  • Operations, IT, Network, and Support Teams
  • Analysts, DevOps
  • InfoSec, Vulnerability Assessment, Pen Testing, and Red Teams
  • Security Champions on development and IT Teams

Online Courses

  • Secure requirements, architecture, design, coding, testing
  • All major languages & technologies
  • Data security, policies
  • System hardening
  • Access control
  • Pen testing & vulnerability scanning
  • Incident Response
  • Compliance, governance & frameworks

Cyber Range

  • Applications with code-and design level flaws
  • OWASP Top Ten, data protection, and security principles
  • Multi-tiered environments
    and systems
  • API security, cloud, infrastructure, service attacks, misconfiguration
  • Complex Web sites, systems, and platforms
  • Built-in defenses and
    advanced attacks
We'll guide you there

Track and Improve your Security Posture

Pick your goals, track progress, and measurably reduce staff risk. Yes – it’s that easy!

Cloud Security Configuration

Achieve % of Industry Baseline

Industry Goal


Certify 10 security champions

Company Goal

Comparable skills across teams

Team Goal

Attain an elite score of 5k

Individual Goal

"Security Innovation has a reputation for being a trusted security advisor. This is keenly reflected in their training solutions, which help organizations build a culture of security "
Stan Black, CSO, Lattice Security