Customer Success

Customer Success

Your Success is our Focus

Designing and implementing security training programs can be time consuming and difficult – we get it. You may have a large number of roles to train, be unsure of which courses to assign, and/or struggle with measurement.

Security Innovation’s Customer Success Program shifts the burden of optimization from you to us. From initial deployment to role based programs, and all the way to measurement, we’re here to help.

Our customer success team comprises Education Consultants, Program Managers, Subject Matter Experts, and Support & Implementation Specialists to help:

Ensure a Successful Rollout

Ensure a Successful Rollout

  • Expedited deployment and administrator training
  • Rapid needs assessment to prioritize sequencing
  • Communication templates to jump-start programs
Devise Learning Paths

Devise Learning Paths

  • Map roles to out-of-the-box learning paths
  • Customize learning paths to match your job functions
  • Define CMD+CTRL Cyber Range practice activities to complement training
Measure Staff Competency/Risk

Measure Staff Competency/Risk

  • Regular reporting to ensure you are on the right track
  • Baseline staff skills pre- or post-training with our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range
  • Benchmark against others in your industry
Analyze and Optimize Program

Analyze and Optimize Program

  • Analyze usage data and trends analysis
  • Understand changing learning objectives
  • Help groom security champions

Customer Success in Action: Global 50 Consulting Firm

Customer Success in Action: Global 50 Consulting Firm

  • Train 120,000 world-wide employees on Secure Software Development
  • Required technical hands-on program across multiple business units


  • Define learning paths for 20 roles in 3 skill levels, each with clear objectives
  • Pre-training assessments to evaluate proficiency level and learning path placement
  • Launch pilot programs to ensure seamless rollout for larger audience
  • Cyber Range “CTF” events for immersive and measurable learning


  • Pilot programs streamlined Customer Branding, SSO, and enrollment
  • Tools available for internal communications: billboards articles, polls, leaderboards
  • Auto-generation of reports: utilization, course completion, competency/ scores
  • Post training assessments measure knowledge retention and advance users to next level