Think Security First with Hackathon Training

Plan a Hackathon training session and let your teams discover first-hand how to break into your software or protect your IT systems.

It is well documented that security is a people problem, however getting teams excited about skills development is challenging. While traditional training is effective for core skills development, hackathons bring the excitement, immediate gratification, and long-term benefits of "learning by doing."

Our Hackathons are interactive learning events where IT and Development staff compete to find vulnerabilities in commercial-grade applications or defend an IT infrastructure in real-time. Participants become immediately immersed in a real-world environment where they learn attack and defense is about thinking on your feet, creativity, and adaptability.

Features and Benefits of Hackathon Training

  • Engaging - Authentic functionality, vulnerabilities, attacks and technologies transform participants from passive players to determined hackers and defenders
  • Team Building - Non-intimidating setting encourages collaboration, improves communication skills, and builds an appreciation for protecting the enterprise
  • Ideal for All Skill Levels - Quick start guides, hints, and challenges of varying complexity ensure everyone can participate
  • Real-Time & Post-Game Feedback - Live scoreboard encourages friendly competition, while post-game reports help identify skills gaps and measure improvement over time
  • Flexible - Choose to have our security engineers on hand to provide expertise, or host with your own staff

Application Security Hackathons

Offensive "Capture the Flag"

Comprising a mobile fitness application and several commercial websites, these hackathons provide a safe sandbox for your teams to learn and practice hacking skills. Whether you are a first-time hacker or a veteran developer, there are challenges for everyone.

IT Infrastructure Security Hackathon

Defensive "Keep your Systems Running"

Players monitor and defend a system of firewalls, servers, and services against an advanced cyber adversary. Players practice situational awareness by performing packet and log analysis to detect attacks, followed by system hardening to thwart them.