Build security skills in an exciting new way

Unique in the industry, CMD+CTRL is an immersive learning environment where staff exploit their way through hundreds of vulnerabilities that lurk in business applications today – and learn quickly that attack and defense is about thinking on your feet.

So real it’s, …..well, real!

Unlike gamification that mimics how an application should respond, CMD+CTRL comprises real websites, traffic, technologies, and vulnerabilities that represent actual application behavior.  This unmatched realism brings the immediate gratification and long-term memory benefits of “learning by doing" teams need to protect the enterprise. Not to mention it’s fun, so no strong-arming is needed. 

Features & Benefits

Authentic Six fully-featured applications encourage players to “follow their nose” and practice situational awareness just as an attacker would

Engaging - Real-time scoring, Easter eggs, and other surprises transform players from passive participants to determined competitors

Ideal for all skill levels - Quick start guides, hints, and challenges of varying complexity ensure everyone can participate

Flexible delivery - Have our security engineers on hand for expert guidance and final reveal session, run a hackerthon yourself, or leverage as a perpetual practice range

Measure staff proficiency - Detailed reports identify skill gaps and measure improvement over time

In this exciting game setting, participants are tasked with tapping into their inner evildoer to learn and apply creative attacks in authentic web and mobile applications including: