SecureDefend – Fortify Applications & Systems

Protecting the software-dependent enterprise requires practical technology assessments, well-defined policies, effective controls, and streamlined compliance programs.

SecureDefend features advanced application & infrastructure cyber ranges for the most hands-on environment to hone skills. CBT helps teams learn popular frameworks and offensive techniques to apply in the cyber range and on the job.

Mitigate Critical Threats

Truly understand hacker techniques so you can properly implement controls

Plug Skill Gaps

Rich reporting on live systems provides accurate insight into real-world acumen

Make Compliance Easy

Coverage for major cyber & risk frameworks, standards and regulations

SecureDefend covers all governance & assessment activities

Ideal for Security & GRC Teams

"The unique approach to CMD+CTRL training is fresh and just what the government needs to progress its initiatives in maintaining a secured resilient nation"
Marie DiTrapani, Director of Government and Defense Programs, IDGA

Fill Talent Gap with Existing Staff

Baseline against other industries/roles or assess individual skills.

CBT gets novices on their way to security mindedness and our cyber ranges push their dexterity to the max.

We offer role-based paths for engineers, analysts, pen testers, and managers.

  • Tech: Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Web, API
  • Process & Policy: auditing, data & privacy protection, risk analysis, threat modeling, scanning, pen testing, DevSecOps
  • Environments: Complex Web & Mobile apps, cloud infrastructure, business platforms
    Focus: Full spectrum of vulnerabilities, built-in defenses, expansive attack surfaces
    Attacks: password cracking, path traversal, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, script injection, filter evasion, crypto, denial of service
    Gameplay: proxies, scripting, and other tools needed. Maps to OWASP, CWE and MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Client Spotlight - Having Confidence in your Staff

See how our clients use our courses and cyber ranges to improve the quality of hire (both internal and external) and reduce costs.

Driven by client demand for security-savvy staff, Accenture needed to groom security champions and stock their AppSec Team with proven talent


Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PaaS) was growing fast and they needed to scale recruitment in a way that improved speed and quality of hire


Baseline Against the Security Elite

Forescient-DEFCON-Mapping In addition to industry and role baselining, you can see how your teams stack up against the best.
We ran our Forescient cyber range, a vulnerable AWS infrastructure, at DEFCON. The results:

  • 33% found over half of the challenges
  • The high score was 12110 (90% of total points)
  • 94% solved the Cipher challenge
  • Only 2% solved the advanced password cracking challenge

Individual and team reports provide additional insight into each vulnerability and misconfiguration

Results mapped to MITRE ATT&CK Framework

The MITRE ATT&CK Framework is a matrix of techniques used by threat hunters, red teamers, and defenders to classify attacks and assess risk.

All Forescient challenges are linked to the MITRE ATT& CK framework so learners can refer back to it and discover new avenues of attack. The objective is to help learners better understand the techniques and tactics hackers use to penetrate IT systems.

Additional learning opportunities are available in our courses.

MITTRE ATT&CK - mapping
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