Phishing Awareness Simulation Training

Eliminate the Temptation of Opening Malicious Emails with Phishing Simulations

Our phishing awareness simulation training offers advanced testing capabilities for e-mail, attachments, portable media, SMS, social engineering, and automated voice phishing. Coupled with the industry’s richest reporting capabilities, it can help you:

  • Reduce the chance of social engineering attacks being successful
  • Assess security risk across your company
  • Measure the effectiveness of your risk reduction efforts

Features & Benefits:

  • Dozens of pre-configured campaigns: Easily plan, test, measure, and train your staff about phishing in a variety of ways.
  • Advanced campaign targeting: Patented system allows for multiple combinations of email templates, landing pages, email account senders, and web server domains within a single campaign.
  • Identify staff triggers: See if your staff is more likely to fall victim if they see images within an email or if they understand the difference between secure (HTTPS) and unsecure web pages (HTTP).
  • Extensive reporting and metrics: With over 15,000 data points, you can to determine what information and reports are of value to your organization. Our customer support team will help you organize data into easily understood formats.
  • Technical  & Vulnerability Profiling: Our profiling capability logs technical details of the victim’s environment such as installed plugins, known vulnerabilities, and other technical information. These insights allow your technical team to harden your network from the back end.