Cloud Security

Reduce Cloud Risk from All Angles

Cloud platforms can live up to their promise of improved security, but customers need to do their part. Security Innovation offers training and assessment services that help you build security into cloud applications and harden your cloud infrastructure.

We’ve helped the Amazon AWS and MicrosoftAzure teams secure their cloud platforms for years-we can do the same for you.

Attack & Defend – Cloud Security Training

Security Innovation takes a unique approach to skills development. We offer computer-based training and a hands-on cyber range to transform knowledge into powerful skills. When used together, the engagement level and impact are unrivaled.

CMD+CTRL Cyber Range

From simple applications to cloud environments, these live-action ranges tempt players to uncover vulnerabilities, score points and move up the leaderboard. With over 500 challenges teams have no shortage of attack vectors to explore. Detailed reporting accurately baselines staff risk and measures progress over time.

Our flagship cloud range is Forescient which features a front-end website, virtual servers, AWS accounts, and major AWS cloud services. Challenges are mapped to the MITRE ATT& CK framework and include misconfiguration, data exposure, abuse of cloud resources, unauthorized access, denial of service, spearphishing, and others.

Computer-Based Training (CBT)

From cloud architects to developers and operations, our role-based training helps teams build security into cloud applications and defend cloud infrastructure.
Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of cloud development, cloud infrastructure, and database security
  • Secure coding: GO, Oracle DB, AWS, Azure, Web API, Scripts, Python Microservices, Perl, Shell, Interpreted Languages
  • OWASP for IoT, Web, Mobile
  • DevSecOps – AWS, Azure, automating security updates, container threats, compliance, COTS Supply Chain, orchestration, service configuration, API gateways

Cloud Assessment Services