Development/IT Teams

Development Teams & Security First Mindsets

Get proactive about software security

As a development or IT leader, you strive to overcome the day-to-day challenges with an ever-vigilant eye on the long-term business goals. While security is only one area of focus for your teams, it’s critical to the health of the company, and often a source of pressure and angst-driven by the immediate response required when there is a problem.

Eliminate the root cause of software security issues

Vulnerabilities are mistakes your teams are making.  However, deep knowledge of security vulnerabilities and how to address them may be scarce in your organization – and addressing application security gaps systematically may seem virtually impossible. This is where we help your organization build stronger, more proactively-secure software applications and a comprehensive understanding to combat threats.

Top-down & bottom-up security

We typically engage with CTOs, VPs of Product Security, R&D, Engineering, and IT to identify and remove vulnerabilities in software and educate teams on how to build resilient applications.  In a nutshell, we help you build your security-focused engineering dream team. And trust us   ̶  they will be unstoppable.

Security Training

Security Consulting