Security Teams

Security Teams: Defense and Offense

Tasked with assessing and managing risks daily, it’s also crucial for security teams to be business enablers in an ever-evolving digital landscape – and software security is one of the most vexing challenges for security teams given its complexity. We demystify software security and make your team more effective.

Boost your impact

Security Innovation works with all types of security groups including CISOs, InfoSec, Red Teams, DevSecOps, and Application Security. In the drive to provide both security and functionality, these teams need to be on top of their game, constantly updating their skills and knowledge – and help other teams do the same.

Get help from the recognized experts

Our assessment and training solutions help you navigate the changing risk environment to ensure your security standards bridge the gap between business needs and development best practices. We’ll give you the tools to find gaps, make impactful decisions, and implement secure coding standards that adhere to your policy requirements. We’ll also help you easily identify security champions and pen testers, and up-level their skills within hours.

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