Celebrate 20 Years With Us

If cybersecurity is a war, we are the battle-tested veterans. Seriously, Security Innovation has been around for 20 years this September. Few other companies have remained true to their roots as we have specialized in software security. And – few others have seen, done, or influenced as much as we have over the last two decades.

It would be easy to just take a victory lap for our 20th Anniversary – but we want to do things differently. Instead of (exclusively) celebrating, we plan to reflect on our past, highlight the teachable moments and universal truths, and offer valuable insights to our audience. Namely, the chance to take cues and learn from our experience as we share the evolution of software security, connect key dots, and share valuable insights on how to apply them in your business today.

In my LinkedIn article, you can read about our earliest days when the team was just a nutty professor and his Ph.D. students. And watch our short video below of what to expect in the coming weeks!

Ed Adams
President & CEO

People we've met along the way

Shoutout from Satish Janardhanan
Shoutout from Trupti Shiralkar
Shoutout from Joshua Berkoh
Shoutout from Maria Lewis Kussmaul
Shoutout from Mark Nesline
Shoutout from Sandy Dunn
Shoutout from Mark Merkow
Shoutout from Ady Kakrania
Shoutout from William Whyte
Shoutout from Maria Lewis Kussmaul
Shoutout from Charles Kolodgy

Interesting projects we've encountered

Building Community & Giving Back

Security Innovation teams up with organizations that share a collective vision to improve the state of security and foster inclusion.