Secure SSDLC Testing

The Elusive Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

SDLC Risk Reviews, optimization and 3rd-party validation

A secure SDLC is the cornerstone of any application security program.  When security is incorporated into every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), organizations see a noticeable reduction in vulnerabilities.

Why?  Simply put, a well-crafted secure development process constrains teams and up-levels competency,  which reduces the propensity for mistakes,  improves overall throughput and drives down risk.

Our Secure SDLC services assess the security diligence of your teams or 3rd party vendors – whether it’s a Risk Review to gain a baseline understanding of SDLC maturity or a deep assessment and optimization, we can help.

"The Secure SDLC Gap Analysis helped us close critical gaps in our development process. It was a valuable investment"
Stan Black, CISO, Citrix
  • Secure SDLC Risk Review

    This quick-hitting assessment determines the level of security due diligence a team puts into the construction of secure software.  Our experts use survey- and process-analysis tools to rate against 7 security domains:

    • The Organization
    • Platform Security
    • Security Testing/QA
    • Secure Construction
    • Application & Data
    • Secure Architecture & Design
    • Secure Operations & Maintenance

    The final report provides a snapshot of current practices, areas for improvement, and a risk score. Ideal for organizations that need a quick baseline understanding of SDLC maturity.

  • Secure SDLC Gap Analysis

    This assessment builds upon an SDLC Risk Review but digs deep into skills, activities, and tooling across the entire SDLC.  The result? A  step-by-step plan to ingrain security practices at each phase, and a streamlined process that meets compliance requirements that call for the development of software according to industry best practices.

    Application Security: SDLC Gap Analysis

    Outputs include:

    • Diagramed outline of your current SDLC
    • Secure development learning paths to improve skills
    • Remediation roadmap with sequencing and progress checks
  • Software Development Lifecycle Practices Assessment Certification (SD-PAC)

    3rd-party applications are an extension of your solution, so their vulnerabilities are yours. SD-PAC assesses your software partners against secure SDLC standards and issues a certification if they pass. Create market differentiation and demonstrate security leadership.

    If your customers and brand are at risk due to varying 3rd-party software security hygiene, SD-PAC is the solution.

    HP JetAdvantage software vendors get certified here

"SD-PAC helps us extend our security leadership and raise the bar for all of our software partners by certifying that our ISV’s practices lead to security built-in not bolted on"
Steve Inch, Security Category Manager @HP Office Printing Systems Worldwide
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