Secure SDLC Analysis & Optimization

Secure SSDLC Testing

The Elusive Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

SDLC Risk Reviews, optimization and 3rd-party validation

A secure SDLC is the cornerstone of any application security program.  When security is incorporated into every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), organizations see a noticeable reduction in vulnerabilities.

Why? Simply put, a well-crafted secure development process embeds proficiency, reducing the propensity for mistakes, improving overall throughput, and reducing risk.

Our Secure SDLC services assess the security diligence of your teams or 3rd party vendors – whether it’s a Risk Review to gain a baseline understanding of SDLC maturity or a deep assessment and optimization, we can help.

"The Secure SDLC Gap Analysis helped us close critical gaps in our development process. It was a valuable investment"
Stan Black, CISO, Citrix
  • Secure SDLC Risk Review

    This quick-hitting assessment determines the level of security due diligence a team puts into the construction of secure software.  Our experts use survey- and process-analysis tools to rate against 7 security domains:

    • The Organization
    • Platform Security
    • Security Testing/QA
    • Secure Construction
    • Application & Data
    • Secure Architecture & Design
    • Secure Operations & Maintenance

    The final report provides a snapshot of current practices, areas for improvement, and a risk score. Ideal for organizations that need a quick baseline understanding of SDLC maturity.

  • Secure SDLC Gap Analysis

    This assessment builds upon an SDLC Risk Review but digs deep into skills, activities, and tools across the entire SDLC.  The result? A  step-by-step plan to ingrain security practices at each phase, and a streamlined process that meets compliance requirements that call for the development of software according to industry best practices.

    Application Security: SDLC Gap Analysis

    Outputs include:

    • Diagramed outline of your current SDLC
    • Secure development learning paths to improve skills
    • Remediation roadmap with sequencing and progress checks
  • Software Development Lifecycle Practices Assessment Certification (SD-PAC)

    3rd-party applications are an extension of your solution, so their vulnerabilities are yours. SD-PAC assesses your software partners against secure SDLC standards and issues a certification if they pass. Create market differentiation and demonstrate security leadership.

    If your customers and brand are at risk due to varying 3rd-party software security hygiene, SD-PAC is the solution.

    HP JetAdvantage software vendors get certified here

"SD-PAC helps us extend our security leadership and raise the bar for all of our software partners by certifying that our ISV’s practices lead to security built-in not bolted on"
Steve Inch, Security Category Manager @HP Office Printing Systems Worldwide
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