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More than ten years ago, we realized it makes sense to cultivate a company centered on the concepts of Diversity and Inclusion. While the two concepts are related, they require different solutions to develop within a corporate environment. Diversity means bringing together various thoughts, approaches, and perspectives. Inclusion is ensuring everyone has a similar opportunity to join and thrive in our organization.

To that end, we’ve taken many initiatives, including codifying our commitment to Equal Pay, introducing cross-team Lunch and Learn sessions, and developing our own Diversity & Inclusion Committee, SIDIC.

"A top priority for organizations is to advance diversity among the cybersecurity workforce. There is good social, ethical, and business reason to do so. It is proven that diverse teams make better decisions, are nimbler, and fuel more profitable businesses."
Larry Ponemon, Founder, The Ponemon Institute

Diversity & Inclusion in Cybersecurity – Reaping the Rewards

It’s a scientific fact that diverse teams make better decisions, operate more profitably, and are more innovative problem solvers. The cybersecurity talent shortage is a crisis, yet the diversity gap is stark with women and minorities, and we haven’t figured out how to cultivate this talented pool. Find out how it’s done – from experts who have succeeded and have dedicated themselves to the cause.

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For over 5 years, Security Innovation has been a strategic training partner to Cyversity.  By offering security certification programs with organizations like Google and Intuit, we help under represented groups build the critical skills needed to enter the cyber security fields.

Diversity & Inclusion Non-Profit + Tech Giant + Training Innovator = Real Progress

Cyversity, Google, Security Innovation partnership

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The Security Innovation Diversity & Inclusion Committee (SIDIC) was formed in 2018, with the goal of building a more inclusive workplace at Security Innovation. While directly sponsored at the Executive level, the SIDIC team is managed independently and features a diverse mix of employees.

  • Empower all members of Security Innovation and remove barriers in their professional careers caused by social injustice and inequality.

  • Recruit, retain, & develop a diverse, high-performing workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

  • Encourage, cultivate and embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion to become a more equitable workforce, empowered to produce the best possible results.

SIDIC Timeline