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Teams often make flawed assumptions liketrusting the mobile client or server connection, making iteasy for attackers to bypass protections and masquerade asa legitimate service.

This is why our Mobile Center of Excellence (CoE) conducts cutting-edgeresearch on mobile threats and technologies – so you don’t have to.

Clients like Amazon, iRobot, and Facebook rely on us to hunt down vulnerabilities in their mobile environments and build the skills to prevent them.

Secure your Apps, Devices, andBack-End Systems

Secure your Apps, Devices, and Systems

with design reviews,pen testing, and attack simulations

Applying our expertise in iOS, Android, Blackberry, andWindows Mobile,  we conduct expert-led reviews touncover security issues early on and conduct attacks on software, APIs, devices,firmware, and back-end systems.

For each vulnerabilityfound, weprovide a risk rating and technology-specific remediation guidance.

Cloud Security Skills

Build Mobile Security Skills

with our Unique Attack & Defend Training Platform

We are the only company to offer computer-based training and a mobile app cyber range to transform knowledge intopowerful skills.

WithOWASP Mobile, Android, and iOS courses, teams quickly scale knowledge.   Runstoppable cyber range (insecure fitnessapp) challenges players to uncover hard-coded secrets,  bypass authorizations, and exploit vulnerabilities.

Unrivaled MobileExpertise

Our Mobile CoE conducts cutting-edge research on all major Mobileplatforms, APIs, communicationchannels, and hardwarecomponents. We complement this with specializedresearch on:

  • iOS Jailbreaking, Android rooting, and other kernel exploitation attacks
  • NFC, Bluetooth, and other mobile attack vectors
  • Firmware, hardware, and other components that interact with mobile applications
  • Threats introduced with new OS and protocol versions
  • TouchID and other Biometric verification systems
  • Mobile development frameworks and standards

Security Innovation has deliveredmobile security assessments tosocial media giants, softwarevendors, cloud infrastructure providers,financial services companies, e-voting companies, and consumerelectronics manufacturers – even bitcoin brokers.

Dinesh Shetty, Sr. Manager - Information Security, Security Innovation

Mobile CoE lead

Dinesh Shetty
Security Engineering Manager

A mobile security expert for nearly a decade, Dinesh is a prolific researcher, writer, and speaker. He is published in more than a dozen magazines and has presented at numerous worldwide conferences including Black Hat, Def Con, PoC, BruCon, AppsecUSA, AppsecEU, HackFest, and others. He holds several professional certifications including the notable EC-Council Certified CISO, Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE), and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

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