Software Penetration Testing

Penetration Tests for Cloud, Mobile, Web, IoT, Embedded, Blockchain and more.

Penetration testing is a critical step in the secure software development life cycle, ensuring that applications aren’t released with vulnerabilities. With over a decade of carefully honed security test execution and threat modeling methodologies,  our penetration testing reduces software risk with results that you can trust.

In-depth security testing that goes beyond a rudimentary scan

Bring on your toughest application security challenges – that’s Security Innovation’s specialty. Clients have come to expect that when (not if) we find vulnerabilities during security assessments, we provide a path forward and tie engagements to the company’s unique risk and complexity profile.

Application Penetration Testing 101: Be Realistic

Let’s face it. It’s not feasible to get 100% test coverage. That’s why we take an objective-driven approach to map out and execute penetration testing efforts based on identified threats and defined goals – to find the most important needles in your software haystack.

Break the software – and reassemble with more secure code

Our experts think like hackers to outsmart them and respond as developers to thwart them. Each is skilled at attacking and defending via secure coding practices and vulnerability remediation.

Reduce more risk than any other application pen test in the market.
Accurate results. Zero false positives.

Accurate results. Zero false positives.

Take your application security testing beyond the scan. We augment scanners with specialized tools to hunt down compound and business logic vulnerabilities that elude automation, validating each one.

Superior Vulnerability Remediation IQ

Superior Vulnerability Remediation IQ

We don’t just find vulnerabilities and dump best practices on you: language-specific guidance provides a path to fix each one. We risk-rate each vulnerability based on our advanced rating system and map each to common standards.

Expertise infused into every engagement

Expertise infused into every engagement

Our security test engineers are required to keep their skills honed and hold Microsoft MVP, Offensive Security Certified Professional, CISSP, Apple/Adobe/Barracuda Hall of Famer, and 100+ other credentials

Software Pen Testing Approach

  • Explore

    Using the threat modeling techniques we co-created (STRIDE and DREAD,) our engineers identify high-risk areas and determine the impact should they be penetrated. The threat model drives a test plan that focuses on hot spot areas and our engineers carefully determine which tools are most appropriate for the engagement to ensure you get exactly what you need.

  • Exploit

    We leverage automation for broad scale coverage and specialized tools for targeted application penetration testing. We’ll execute well-known attacks and proprietary ones designed to uncover elusive, compound, and business logic vulnerabilities.

  • Educate

    After penetration testing is complete, our lead engineer will deliver a final report, and optional live presentation, that includes:

    • Executive summary
    • Attack surface analysis insights
    • Final threat model
    • Summary of tests conducted
    • Vulnerabilities found, reproducibility, risk rating and remediation
"Security Innovation offers some of the best security testing concepts I’ve seen. If you don’t use them, hackers will"
Michael Howard, Microsoft Evangelist and author of Writing Secure Code