Blockchain Security Assessments & Training

Secure your blockchain technology

Blockchain is Complex.
Securing it Doesn’t Need to Be.

While Blockchain is vulnerable to the threats of other software-based systems, it comes with new security considerations and attack vectors.

Our Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) conducts cutting-edge research on Smart Contracts, Decentralized Apps (DApps), Web3, Hardware Wallets, On/Off-chain scaling solutions, consortium chains, and privacy techniques.

We make this expertise available to you in our training and assessment solutions.

Blockchain & Smart Contract Assessments

Blockchain & Smart Contract Assessments

This service uncovers vulnerabilities and weak spots within the programming language and issues arising from business logic flaws, crypto implementation,  misconfigurations, and known attacks against smart contracts.

We leverage manual code review and dynamic testing for penetration testing alongside open-source static and dynamic analysis tools.

Raise your Blockchain Skills

Raise the Bar for Blockchain Skills

While Blockchain adoption is expanding, it remains a complex and misunderstood technology. Specialized skills are needed to build and create a more secure blockchain future.

Our software-focused catalog offers courses specific to Blockchain and its ecosystem – cloud, API, crypto, infrastructure, and mobile.

"Security Innovation’s security expertise gave us confidence in the security of our software. They helped us architect a secure system and validate our implementation. "
Alex Karis, CEO, DigitalX
"We partnered with Security Innovation to conduct pen testing and a smart contract audit. They have highly-respected experts on whom we depend for expert scrutiny."
Amiya Diwan, Chief Product Officer, Stably

Unrivaled Blockchain Expertise

Our engineers are well-recognized experts in the field, delivering sessions at OWASP, Blackhat, TruffleCon, New York Blockchain Week, and other conferences.

Additionally, we’ve contributed blockchain security tools to the community, including our Blockchain CTF platform that includes vulnerabilities common in Smart Contracts.

Blockchain Capture the Flag (CTF)

Ben Stewart - Security Engineer

Blockchain & Applied Crypto CoE Lead

Ben Stewart

Security Engineering Manager

Leveraging half a decade of blockchain experience, Ben leads a team tasked with testing mission-critical software and infrastructure. Ben also works closely with high-profile clients on cutting-edge Blockchain consulting.

Ben has performed deep scrutiny on Blockchain architecture, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced system design for human-machine interfaces, and smart contracts. He has presented at DEFCON, Trufflecon, OWASP Global, Blockercon, UNCHAINED, Blockchain Leadership Summit, and Diversity.

Customer Success: DigitalX

Securing Digital Payment Transactions

We've helped, DigitalX, Metacash, and others.