AWS & Azure Cloud Security Configuration

Cloud & Security: Eliminate the unknowns

Configure and Plan  your Cloud Operations security

When operating in cloud environments, your organization now owns the management of all operating systems, associated application software, and the configuration of security group firewalls. Whether you are considering moving your applications or operations to the cloud or want to secure your existing cloud environment, we can help you understand cloud risks, establish criteria for different classes of data, and define deployment standards.

Intimate knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS

We count Microsoft and Amazon among our clients and continue to work with their teams to ensure their platform and plug-ins are secure. Add the widespread experience testing cloud-based apps for other clients and we have a unique and deep understanding of how cloud components fit together and how they can work in concert with each other securely.

Cloud Security Configuration: Comprehensive approach


    Review the configuration of key applications, servers, databases, and network components to identify vulnerabilities that may go unnoticed during network testing.


    Develop a plan to use (or not use) certain components that are available to you. If you want to stage migration to the cloud, we can help you choose the best value and security by choosing the right components for the job.


    Identify all the internal and external networks, hosts, and services that comprise your cloud’s environments. We can take the review one step further and exploit identified vulnerabilities.


    Evaluate the function, placement, and gaps of existing security controls and compare their alignment with the organization’s security goals and objectives.


    Compares your current remote configuration against industry and our proprietary best practices and identifies any security gaps.


    Analyze both the configuration of the host-based firewalls as well as the implementation of network security controls (ACLs) via the firewall.

Amazon and AWS teams trust us. You can too.

In addition to Secure Cloud Configuration, we offer the following to secure your cloud applications: