IoT & Embedded Penetration Testing

Billions of IoT and embedded devices need secure software

Are your IoT and smart devices running on vulnerable code?

The complexity of IoT and embedded devices results in a massive attack surface. Couple that with evolving security knowledge from device manufacturers and you have a high-risk environment ripe for exploit. Our IoT security testing is a methodical review of security threats and attack surface of connected devices to ensure secure implementation of IoT software and firmware.

Examine your connected solutions at the physical, communication, infrastructure and application levels

With 10+ years of experience assessing IoT system security, we leverage internally developed tools and techniques to hunt down vulnerabilities in the IoT device, mobile application, cloud APIs, communication protocols, embedded software, and firmware.  For precision security testing, we create a threat model to focus on high-risk areas that attackers love to target.

We have conducted assessments on cement trucks, breathalyzers, medical devices, robotics,  motorcycles, and other IoT systems.

Outputs of our IoT security test include:

  • Security and functional objectives
  • How your system could be attacked and steps to realize each threat
  • Fix guidance including mitigating controls for vulnerabilities discovered
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Powered by our IoT Security Center of Excellence, in addition to IoT Penetration testing, we offer the following solutions to help you reduce IoT & Embedded risk:

Webinar: IoT Security