Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Uncover security vulnerabilities unique to mobile applications

Development teams often make flawed assumptions when designing and building mobile applications, and unknowingly make it vulnerable to attack.

Driven by our mobile security Center of Excellence, we leverage ongoing research in mobile security to exploit applications the same way an attacker would – and provide mitigations specific to your mobile environment.

Mobile app security requires deep and proven knowledge

Our experts have a decade of experience testing mobile applications and the back-end systems they connect to. Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Facebook, and others rely on us to secure their mobile applications and protect their brand. You can too.

Mobile application risks that we focus our testing on include:

  • OWASP Mobile Top 10 Risks
  • Exploiting Communication channels
  • CWE Top 25 Risks
  • Unintended Data Leakage
  • Cryptographic attacks
  • Attack on Binary protections
  • Information Disclosure Attacks
  • Application Reverse Engineering or Decompilation
  • Improper storage of sensitive information
  • Authentication & Authorization issues
  • Local and Remote Injection attacks
  • Horizontal or Vertical information
  • Disclosure or privilege escalation
Generalists won't do. Mobile has unique challenges. We get them.

Other Mobile Security Solutions

In additional to Mobile Application Penetration testing, we offer the following services: