Software Security Solutions

The 3 Keys to Software Security

After decades of helping companies to secure their software, one thing is clear. If you don’t address deficiencies in software development AND deployment, you’ll only be creating a stop gap. Utilizing point solutions like just doing automated scans or just training developers is never going to have a true impact.

It comes down to covering three not-so-basic pillars:

Software security is ever changing. That’s why we never rest.

Our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) conduct ongoing research for the most popular and risky platforms to stay ahead of attacks. Led by our foremost experts in that field, we scrutinize emerging technologies, threats, attacks, and mitigating controls. Insights gleaned from ongoing research and assessments of the world’s most used software applications fuel our solutions, resulting in:

  • Targeted Assessments

    Continuous methodology refinement, knowledge dissemination, and tool development for precision software security testing and accurate remediation guidance.

  • Expert & Timely Training

    Get equipped with ongoing, real-world insight into vulnerabilities, frameworks, and attacker techniques. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the threatscape.