Application Security Code Review

Remediate and review coding errors BEFORE they become security risks

A security-savvy SDLC requires Code Reviews for Web, cloud, IoT, mobile, embedded, database, desktop & more.

So much code, so many idiosyncrasies. Nuanced languages and platforms with different built-in defenses and attack vectors aren’t an issue for Security Innovation – our expert reviewers have the requisite in-depth knowledge.

Beyond simplistic automated scanning

Automated tools have their place to identify known and potential issues in large amounts of code. However, it’s no secret they can’t find everything.  The critical missing piece is a security expert who understands code logic and determines if flaws are exploitable.

Our software security engineers leverage their coding backgrounds to employ a combination of smart automation and “eyes on” manual inspection to uncover the highest number of coding errors possible.

The outputs of a security code review are:

  • Documentation of poor programming techniques

    We focus on hot spots (areas likely to contain more vulnerabilities) and high- risk areas. Vulnerabilities are mapped to common threats and weaknesses such as OWASP and CWE and can be tied into your severity classification scheme.

  • List of framework- and technology-specific security issues

    Every technology has inherent weaknesses, insecure functions, and pitfalls. We proactively identify these for you in each security code review.

  • Remediation guidance to ensure flaws can be fixed

    We don’t just find flaws and leave you to fix them via generic best practices. We highlight issues unique to your application’s architecture and provide code-specific fixes and examples to ensure all flaws can be rectified securely.

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