Blockchain Penetration Testing

Blockchain at Security Innovation

While this sector inherits most threats and vulnerabilities of other software-based systems, blockchain technology also comes with new security considerations and attack vectors. We conduct cutting edge research in the areas of Smart Contracts, Decentralized Apps (DApps), Web3, Hardware Wallets, On-chain, and Off-chain scaling solutions, consortium chains, and novel privacy techniques.

Smart Contract Audits

Our audit plan covers over 55 test cases. With strong expertise in Ethereum, Solidity, Vyper, Python, JavaScript, and other blockchain-related technologies, we detect vulnerabilities and weak spots within the programming language itself and in the as-built system. The audit validates adherence to the smart contract objectives and also identifies calculation errors, crypto implementation flaws, and data structure errors.

We utilize open-source static analysis and symbolic execution tools, alongside manual code review and dynamic testing. Our engineers are well-recognized experts in the field, delivering trailblazing training sessions in blockchain security at OWASP, Blackhat, TruffleCon, and other industry conferences.

Driven by our Blockchain Center of Excellence, in addition to Blockchain Penetration Testing and Smart Contract Audits, we offer the following solutions to reduce Blockchain risk:

Executive Blockchain Workshop

This ½-day session is ideal for technical executives who are considering blockchain for a specific business application. We can help you design the right system and avoid common pitfalls.

Technical Blockchain Training

This 2-day course examines methods used when developing smart contracts for Blockchain-enabled Decentralized Applications (DApps.) The focus is on the Ethereum Blockchain and Solidity development language.

Blockchain Smart Contract CTF

This “capture the flag” platform offers practical simulation and testing for Smart Contracts.  Use DApps built on Ethereum and Web3 to build and hack a Solidity smart contract.

We understand it well. We can secure it.
"We partnered with Security Innovation to conduct penetration testing and a smart contract audit to complement our robust security efforts. They have highly-respected experts on whom we depend for expert scrutiny."
Amiya Diwan, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Stably