Cloud & Web Penetration Testing

Got cloud apps? Get them secured.

Find vulnerabilities in your cloud app – before your customers deploy

Cloud security remains a top concern for IT professionals – and remains a major barrier to cloud application market penetration. Cloud deployments, whether internal, external, public, private, hybrid, IaaS, or PaaS all have one thing in common – more demands are placed on the application to defend itself and its data.  Your cloud application security strategy needs to incorporate an ideal balance between security and business needs.

Top Organizations Trust Security Innovation for Cloud Application Security

Leveraging our Cloud Center of Excellence, we conduct ongoing research on the cloud ecosystem, fueling our security testing solutions. Global brands like Safeway, HP, and Discover rely on our cutting-edge expertise to identify vulnerabilities within their cloud applications and provide AWS, Azure or other platform-specific remediation guidance.

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Other Cloud Solutions

In addition to Cloud Penetration and Security Testing, we offer the following solutions: